Download Scars for free!

If you’ve been to one of my concerts lately, you know that my newest song “Scars” is coming out very very soon. In fact, it should show up on iTunes any day now. But if you like getting things early, here’s a way you can have the song before anyone else!

I’ve got a brand new shirt up on my online store that features a few of the lyrics from the song Scars. The shirt reads “His Scars Are Covering Ours” with a white medical cross. For a very limited time, if you pick up this shirt, you’ll receive a code to download Scars for free. We’ll send you the mp3 and you can say that you are one of the first to listen to this song.

Click this link to purchase the shirt and grab the deal:

I’m so excited for this song to be out and available to all of you! If you enjoy the song, I’d love for you to call your local radio station and request it.

For all your friends that want to get the song. Let them know that it will be on iTunes any day now!