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I don't understand why Olympic swimming has different strokes. Imagine if they did this for running. "Nice 100m dash... now do it backwards"

About 57 minutes ago

Everything Is Changing!

My new EP is here! It’s titled “Everything Is Changing” and I’m so proud of how this new CD turned out! You may hear the song BREATE on your local radio station. I would love to hear what you think of it! Click on the image below to download.

Just saw this front license plate. I’m sure their intentions were good, but I’m pretty sure God would laugh at getting called copilot. :). #Godsnotgoose. #Hesmorelikemaverick #ButnotlikeTomCruise

Headed to the airport to fly to Prescott Arizona for Elevate festival tonight. God is showing off over the Nashville skyline this morning!

I should probably use the delicates cycle for this one 🙂

QUESTION: Lately, I’ve started drinking soda water with lime. (Great way to feel like you’re drinking something other than water, but it’s actually good for you)

My question is… If I’m just getting soda water, do I pay for a drink, or just use the free water cup?

All my northeast friends… I have really enjoyed the last three nights with you. Two more concerts to go. Tonight in Attleboro MA, and tomorrow in Manchester CT. Tickets can be found in profile link. Hope to see you there!!

We order these @rxbars for our gym, @fitfactorynashville. But, they are also a life saver on the road. After shows, I used to hit up Taco Bell. Now I eat one of these instead. You can’t do everything God has called you to do unless your body is fueled and prepared!

Apparently this girl is a UFC fighter who was on dancing with the stars. She’s using her platform to talk about Christ (and she posted lyrics to my song) which I think is pretty rad.

Third time in three days I’ve had to set my alarm for 4a. My contacts just weren’t happening this morning. Fun shows in Virginia and California. Now I get to head home to my wife and little Charlie Grace!

The days have been slow, but the year has flown by! :). Charlie turned 1 yesterday!

Excited to announce my next EP called “Everything Is Changing”. Preorder starts today and you’ll get one song immediately. The link is in my profile!