FAQ’s about promoting a Jonny Diaz concert

I’m looking to fill a few concert dates in October and December. I’d love to come to your city! Here are some FAQ’s about promoting a Jonny Diaz concert.

Will you come play a concert for my church, school, event, backyard barbecue?

I’d love to! But, it’s not really up to me. I have to be “booked” (invited with a contractually agreed upon arrangement).

Who can “book” you for a concert?

Any adult! Although, if we’re going to do the concert in a church, it’s important that a staff member be part of the arrangements/contract.

How much does it cost to bring you in?

There are way too many variables to list a set price. Things like schedule, travel expenses, and potential crowd size all effect what we charge. I am able to do full band, duo, or solo shows… so hopefully we can find something that will fit your budget and vision. It may cost less than you think!

Is my church or event too small to have a concert?

No. I play concerts for 2,000 people in auditoriums and 20 people in living rooms. Both are fun! However, please understand that exposure to large crowds and the ability to sell merchandise to them has real value. Therefore, we typically have to charge a little more for shows that will have small crowds.

Do we sell tickets to your concerts?

You can, but you don’t have to. About 30% of the concerts I play are what you’d call “hard ticket shows.” They require a $5 or $10 ticket to get in the door. They can be pre-sold through sources like itickets.com or simply sold at the door. However, most of the shows I do are either love offering or free shows. Sometimes the church takes up an offering to help offset the costs of the concert. Sometimes the concert is just a gift to the congregation.

Do we need a fancy sound system?

Other than living room shows, we do need a sound system. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. If it’s not capable of adequately handling a full band show, we’ll just do something solo or duo.

What age group do you target your concerts to?

The beautiful thing about doing Christian music, playing guitar, and being a storyteller is that it genuinely appeals to all ages. I will come play for your youth group, but I’d honestly rather play for the entire church.

I’ve heard about the lengthy riders that some artists have. Do you require a fancy greenroom ect.?

We can talk about all the details as we move forward in booking the concert, but I can honestly say that I want this to be a simple experience for everyone involved. I really don’t ask for much!

How far will you travel for a concert?

I will go as far as airplanes fly! It’s not uncommon for me to take two flights, rent a car, and drive two more hours to get to a small town. If this is what it takes to spread the message of my music, I’m up for it!

What other costs are involved in booking a concert?

In addition to a fee for playing, concert promoters are typically responsible for travel expenses (flights or driving mileage, rental car, hotel, food) and marketing expenses.

What kind of marketing do we need to do for the concert?

This all depends on your vision for the event. If it’s JUST a free event for YOUR church, some posters and Sunday morning announcements may be all that’s necessary. If you’re trying to expose the concert to a broader audience, we can guide you through some marketing steps including things like radio and Facebook ads. It’s important that you are realistic with the event. Just because you’re a big fan (thank you) doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Marketing a concert isn’t always easy, but it can really help.

Will you come lead worship for us on a Sunday morning?

I would love to! I would also love to play some of the songs that God has allowed me to write. Sometimes this means me playing a couple “special music” songs during the service. Sometimes this means me using Sunday morning to help promote a full concert Sunday night concert.

How far in advance do I need to book a concert?

Anywhere from 12 months to 1 month out. We can move quickly on all of the details, but one of the best ways to get the date you want is to lock it in early.

14. How do I get a price quote? What if I have more questions?

I do all concert bookings through a great agency. The great folks at Greg Oliver Agency are ready to answer all of your questions. Fill out this form http://goa-inc.com/contact-us/

Can Selfishness Improve Selflessness?

Can Selfishness Improve Selflessness?

The only businesses I have ever launched have been my own music career and my wife’s group training classes. But I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I love the process of creating, the adventure of risking, and the liberty of working for myself. I chose to enter the world of music because it’s what God called me to do, but I have to admit that I also love it because it allows me to run my own business. The harder and smarter I work, the greater the results are both spiritually and economically.

I’m not sure how long God wants me to play music for a living. He might call me to do something else next year, or He might allow me to keep performing for decades. But when the day comes for me to move on, my goal is to be able to transition seamlessly from the music industry to the next area where He wants me to invest my life. And I intend to give it my all.

In order to be the best at whatever God calls me to do, I have surrounded myself with a few godly and successful businessmen who are willing to counsel and advise me. I also spend a lot of time reading business books. That may sound like fingernails on a chalkboard to some of you, but I actually enjoy it. (In case you didn’t know, my college degree is in business – not music.)

I have found one consistent characteristic in each of the super-successful people who mentor me (whether it is through their books or our conversations): They all spend a great amount of effort on themselves. They focus time and energy on THEIR businesses, THEIR bodies, THEIR portfolios, etc. Sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Yeah, I used to think the same thing. However, I have found that most of them do it for incredibly unselfish reasons.

*Imagine if Truett Cathy had not “selfishly” decided to focus so much on HIS small chicken sandwich business. It would have never grown into the amazingly successful (and wildly generous) company, that Chick-fil-a is today.

*Imagine if Tim Tebow hadn’t “selfishly” spent countless hours working on HIS strength and skills. He wouldn’t have near the platform to share Christ that he has today.

*Imagine if the guys in MercyMe or Third Day hadn’t spend so much time “selfishly” practicing guitars, drums, bass, etc. during their high school and college years. They would not have sold millions of records and impacted so many people through their music.

I know these are extreme examples, but what about you and me? What if we spent more time focused on making ourselves better. As Christians, we have the greatest inspiration in Jesus. He often went away by himself. He spent much of his time “selfishly” developing HIS own relationship with God, so that he could minister to others. Shouldn’t we follow his example if we want to be GREAT? Not so our fame grows, but so we can use that platform to grow Christ’s fame.

I once had a woman tell me that my song, More Beautiful You, had saved her marriage. I looked at her a little confused. She went on to explain that she realized it wasn’t fair to expect her husband to love her if she didn’t love herself. WHOA! She said that once she started loving herself, she started taking care of herself. She spent time in the gym. She spent time alone everyday with God. She even went on a girls getaway cruise. Most importantly, her husband LOVED it. She was making HERSELF better so that her husband had a better wife.

I know this is a delicate balance. We need accountability every day to make sure our motivation for greatness does not become self-centered. If you are a businessperson, be a great one – for God. If you are an athlete, be a great one – for God. If you are a housewife, be a great one – for God. Spend time making yourself great… so that God can use you in great ways.

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.

All Things Possible Tour

Jonny will be opening up for Aaron Shust and Mark Schultz on the All Things Possible Tour this spring. Make sure to click the tour dates tab above and check to see if the tour is coming to a city near you!