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No joke… A roach just crawled up my shorts while I'm driving. #recklessdriving #imataredlight #gothimout


Everything Is Changing!

My new EP is here! It’s titled “Everything Is Changing” and I’m so proud of how this new CD turned out! You may hear the song BREATE on your local radio station. I would love to hear what you think of it! Click on the image below to download.

Third time in three days I’ve had to set my alarm for 4a. My contacts just weren’t happening this morning. Fun shows in Virginia and California. Now I get to head home to my wife and little Charlie Grace!

The days have been slow, but the year has flown by! :). Charlie turned 1 yesterday!

Excited to announce my next EP called “Everything Is Changing”. Preorder starts today and you’ll get one song immediately. The link is in my profile!

I MIGHT be a little biased, but I think she’s pretty stinkin cute!

This is Charlie Grace Diaz. She came into our world a bit before midnight. Libby and I will be her tour guides for the next couple decades. At 6lbs 8oz, she is a little ball of perfection.

Got to enjoy the sunset tonight with my buddy. Great to finally be home!

Last night we performed our 39th and final show of the Start A Fire tour (Unspoken, JJ Weeks, and me). These guys are family. They are funny, dedicated, and authentic men. They love Jesus. I loved getting to know each of them so well over the past 5 months!

It’s one thing to blow a trailer tire. It’s another to lose the whole wheel (and literally not be able to find it. Praying we can make our concerts this weekend!

Baby girl should be here in less than three weeks. I hope she’s not scared of pink rhinos!

Tonight’s show is literally in a barn…and it’s kinda awesome!