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Everything Is Changing!

My new EP is here! It’s titled “Everything Is Changing” and I’m so proud of how this new CD turned out! You may hear the song BREATE on your local radio station. I would love to hear what you think of it! Click on the image below to download.

Feb is gonna be 👍🏼😁😬🍌🍌. You figure it out.

Thanks for all the prayers, guys. LASIK surgery went well. Sure, I 👀 like I lost a fight…but you should see what I did to the Dr 😜. Pretty astounding that burning away parts of your eye with a laser can fix your vision! Things are still a bit smokey in my right eye, but that’s normal. I now have 20/20 in one eye and a little better than 20/20 in the other!

Just saw this. I think they’re onto somethin 🙂

Thought this was cool. 😎 #Phoenix

Good thing fat doesn’t make you fat :). Ground beef, bacon, guac, plantain mash. #notenoughveggies

Get ready West Coast…we’re coming for you in less than 2 weeks! Can’t wait for the #LiveonForever tour with my friends @theaftersofficial & @jasongraymusic – we hope you can join us! Details here: // #California #washington #oregon #arizona #nevada #colorado #newmexico #concert #livemusic

Well, this is gonna be fun! If you’re in AZ, we’d sure love to see you this weekend.

Well, THIS should be fun! If you’re in the AZ area, we’d love to see you this weekend.

We lived in this house for almost 4 years, and today we moved. This is much more than just a house. This is proof that my wife is incredible. I’ll explain. Almost 4 years ago we got the idea to take her small/outdoor Boot Camp and open @fitfactorynashville. The idea is the easy part. Many people get ideas. Few people are willing to make real sacrifices when it gets tough.
We previously lived in a comfortably sized house in a comfortable neighborhood. But, we had no idea if our gym would be successful or not. When I mentioned that we could rent out our comfortable house and use the cash flow to live in this tiny house on a somewhat sketchy street, my wife said, “I’M IN.” She never once complained that it was half the size of our old house. She never once complained that we didn’t have a dishwasher. She never once complained that we had to share a single tiny closet. She never once complained when we traded hardwood and granite for Linoleum and whatever those countertops were :). Don’t get me wrong… This house was a blessing. It’s still so much better than many people have, and it truly/literally brought us closer together.
For almost 4 years she sacrificed so that we could see a dream realized. Today we said our final goodbye to this little house on the sketchy Street. I’m so thankful for my wife, and I’m thankful that we are fortunate enough to move back into our old house… with a walk-in closet 🙂

Neat! The only problem is that my flight arrived at 2 PM. #lostbaggage

My super fancy bed. Check out that old school telephone.