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Common booking questions

1. Will you come play a concert for my church, school, event, backyard barbecue?
I’d love to! But, it’s not really up to me. I have to be “booked” (invited with a contractually agreed upon arrangement).

2. Who can “book” you for a concert?
Any adult! Although, if we’re going to do the concert in a church, it’s important that a staff member be part of the arrangements/contract.

3.How much does it cost to bring you in?
There are way too many variables to list a set price. Things like schedule, travel expenses, and potential crowd size all effect what we charge. Most of the time I'm just coming with my guitar to play songs and tell stories... this definitely helps to keep the costs down!

4. Is my church or event too small to have a concert?
No. I play concerts for 2,000 people in auditoriums and 20 people in living rooms. Both are fun! However, please understand that exposure to large crowds and the ability to sell merchandise to them has real value. Therefore, we typically have to charge a little more for shows that will have small crowds.

5. Do we sell tickets to your concerts?
You can, but you don’t have to. About 20% of the concerts I play are what you’d call “hard ticket shows.” They require a $10 or $20 ticket to get in the door. They can be pre-sold through sources like or simply sold at the door. However, most of the shows I do are either love offering or free shows. Sometimes the church takes up an offering to help offset the costs of the concert. Sometimes the concert is just a gift to the congregation.

6. Do we need a fancy sound system?
Other than living room shows, we do need a sound system. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. If it’s not capable of adequately handling a full band show, we’ll just do something solo or duo.

7. I’ve heard about the lengthy riders that some artists have. 
Do you require a fancy greenroom ect.?
We can talk about all the details as we move forward in booking the concert, but I can honestly say that I want this to be a simple experience for everyone involved. I really don’t ask for much!

8. How far will you travel for a concert?
I will go as far as airplanes fly! It’s not uncommon for me to take two flights, rent a car, and drive two more hours to get to a small town. If this is what it takes to spread the message of my music, I’m up for it!

9. What other costs are involved in booking a concert?
In addition to a fee for playing, concert promoters are typically responsible for travel expenses (flights or driving mileage, rental car, hotel, food) and marketing expenses.

10. What kind of marketing do we need to do for the concert?
This all depends on your vision for the event. If it’s JUST a free event for YOUR church, some posters and Sunday morning announcements may be all that’s necessary. If you’re trying to expose the concert to a broader audience, we can guide you through some marketing steps including things like radio and Facebook ads. It’s important that you are realistic with the event. Just because you’re a big fan (thank you) doesn’t mean that everyone else is. Marketing a concert isn’t always easy, but it can really help.

11. Will you come lead worship for us on a Sunday morning?
I would love to! I would also love to play some of the songs that God has allowed me to write. Sometimes this means me playing a couple “special music” songs during the service. Sometimes this means me using Sunday morning to help promote a full concert Sunday night concert.

12. How far in advance do I need to book a concert?
Anywhere from 12 months to 1 month out. We can move quickly on all of the details, but one of the best ways to get the date you want is to lock it in early.

13. How do I get a price quote? What if I have more questions?
Eventually, we'll need to contract the event through my booking agency (Legacy House).  For now, I'd love to get an email from you explaining what you have in mind.  CLICK HERE.

Ready to submit a request?

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